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The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

Tips On Choosing The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

When it comes time to trim your hedges, it is important to look for the best electric hedge trimmer that will provide a consistent, steady hand. Using a trimmer that has a tapered wheel will give you more control than other trimmers. The trimmer should be able to handle both the short and the longer branches in order to give you a full and even trimming. The best trimmers are those that are quiet in operation and give a good work area. These trimmers are the type that allow you to clean under bushes, trees, and power lines with minimal noise.

Some of the best trimmers that are available are the cordless hedge trimmers with dual action blades. These trimmers are perfect for the home owner who does not want to take chances with their trimmers. Dual action blades give the user more control than a simple trimmer blade. The trimmers can be used on bushes, trees, and power lines. The best dual action blades will also trim branches and twigs that are thicker than three inches.

Another option is the safety switch feature. The safety switch allows you to activate the trimmers without turning on the engine. This prevents the user from accidentally cutting off any people or animals that might be walking beneath the path of the trimmer blades. When in use, the blades release at a normal speed and the cutting mechanism begins when the trigger is pressed. The blades rotate continuously when the trigger is released, cutting any branches that are in the way.

The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer
The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer
Choosing the best trimmer is very important, especially if you will be trimming large areas. A good trimmer should have at least four blades. Three inches thick branches should be trimmed using a trimmer with one, two, and one and a half inch blades. Thicker trimmers will require more strokes to cut branches that are over three inches thick. Using a trimmer with a shorter cutting handle will help reduce the possibility of injury to you and the people that may be around you while you are trimming. Longer, heavier handled trimmers will also help you to reach high places.

It is important to determine the size of the cutting blade that you will need before you choose your trimmer. Most trimmers will offer at least two different cutting blades, allowing you to trim branches safely without having to change your trimmer from one to the other. There should be a small hole in the handle of the trimmer for the blade to slip into.

The next thing to consider is the size of the cutting area available. The larger the area, the larger the blades that the trimmer should have. The cutting capacity of the trimmer is measured in cubic feet of grass or shrubberies per minute. This number is generally divided by the square foot of the area in order to give you the cutting capacity of the trimmers blades. Remember that larger branches and heavy hedges will require a higher cutting capacity in order to cut properly.

The quality of the battery that you attach to your trimmer will also affect the cutting ability. Some battery types allow the blades to spin faster than others, increasing the distance that the trimmer can be used effectively. Also, the type of battery that the trimmer uses will affect how it operates. Most trimmers will use a single-stage or two-stage lithium battery in order to maximize the amount of time the blades are on. The battery type that you attach to your trimmer should state the amount of voltage that the battery will provide, so it is important to choose the appropriate model.

Finally, consider the weight of the handle. Many of the best trimmers come with lightweight aluminum handles, which make it easy to trim large areas and handle. However, the strongest and most effective trimmers usually have steel or wood handles in order to ensure the maximum amount of gripping power.

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