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The Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Best Gas Hedge Trimmers Review

With a gas hedge trimmers power to cut and trim, the best gas hedge trimmer can be the most beneficial tool in your landscaping arsenal. Having such a gas hedge trimmers does not always mean having a bulky, hard-to-handle cutter machine that is too pricey to purchase and too difficult to use. For many homeowners in particular, lightweight solutions still remain the best to trim hedges. Let's explore some of the lighter options available to the DIY homeowner.

The Husqvarnaarat PowerPro Gas Trimmer is one of the most popular options. It has several features including a option that will allow you to trim hedges at angles for perfect pitch, line or sweep. A large cutting surface is provided which allows for even distribution of the trimming blades. The trimmer has an automatic start button that is easily activated from the ignition. There is also an electronic Fuel Gauge that will tell you if you have used up the gas in the engine.

The Omega PowerMaster Plus Gas Trimmer has a nice feature to allow you to change the blades at any time by simply shifting the handle. The new blades will be easier to cut at as the old ones will be on the cutting hand end. This makes the tool easy to manage. However, it does not have a trimming handle so you have to lean forward to trim the hedges.

The Best Gas Hedge Trimmer
The Best Gas Hedge Trimmer
The Zeagle 2.5 gallon gas and electric hedge trimmers are another excellent lightweight option. The tool comes with a plastic "spinner" to keep the blades from making noise while in use. The handle can also be squeezed for a quick release and the blade is not quite as long as some of the other models. The "Zehye" is ergonomically designed with the right handle and the blade is a bit shorter than the others.

The Zeagle has a nice electronic system that adjusts the speed and blade length for the appropriate pruning. The tool is lightweight and comes with a plastic carrying case. There is a rear handle that makes it easier to operate. The poulan pro series is an even heavier trimmer but has a nice ergonomic design that will fit most hand sizes. The blade is long enough to reach all areas of the yard including the edges. It is made of steel with replaceable blades.

The Poulan Pro trimming, trimmer has been on the market for several years and has a good reputation. This trimmer has a bit longer arm spans than some of the other options and is a bit more difficult to clean because of the length. The blades are long enough to reach all of the hard woody areas including the undergrowth of the shrubs. This model also does a pretty good job of cutting through the thick stems of most bushes. The pros are the length of the arms and the durability. The con is that this trimmer is somewhat expensive compared to the other models.

The Zeagle gas hedge trimmers are actually the newest models to be offered on the market. These are the newest tools to come out that are designed to work well in wet or dry climates. This tool also features a rear handle that makes it easier to control the direction of the lawnmower. The tool has dual drive motors that are powerful enough to cut through even the thickest of stems.

The Poulan Pro hedge trimmer is the most popular brand on the market and can be found at most hardware stores. The Poulan Pro also has the best warranty of any of the tools we have reviewed. You can find the Poulan Pro at your local hardware store for around $150. The good thing about the Poulan Pro is that the blades are made to be as sharp as possible, which means you won't have to worry about dulling your blade over time.

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