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The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Tips For Buying the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The best cordless hedge trimmers will most certainly vary depending upon personal taste, but among the top choices is the Earthwise "20-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer." It has received rave reviews from users and is known for its powerful, consistent trimmering. Other great brands for the outdoorsman or landscaper are Hunter, Mela & Son, and Weed Eater. One must consider the battery life of the trimmers before purchasing them. The model that has the longest lasting battery will obviously be the best choice. Some people find it uncomfortable to use a battery powered trimmer while others love the fact that they can go anywhere without fear of a dead battery.

The next step to purchasing the best cordless hedge trimmer is to consider the weight of the unit. The weight is important because it determines how much time the user will spend in the toolbox or shed. The toolbox or shed must be sturdy enough to hold the lightweight electric hedge trimmers. The weight of the trimmers must be between seven and ten pounds.

Another important consideration is the handle of the trimmer. It should be comfortable to use. If it is too heavy, then the user may become tired and lose control of the device. A light-weighted model will help reduce muscle fatigue. The padded front of the trimmer is an added feature to help prevent gouges and scratches on softer parts of the lawn.

The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer
The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Some users prefer the use of gas-powered hedge trimmers. Some people believe that the gaseous fuel that the gas-powered model uses helps the blades cut grass faster and more efficiently than the electric models. While gas-powered hedge trimmers do have a faster cutting capacity, they also generate more exhaust and require more work space. They are not as portable as the cordless types. A small lawn, however, can only use a small gas-powered trimmer.

Trimmers are available in several different price ranges. There is a price range for the blade itself. The blades themselves vary in price as well. The most expensive models can cut more than a hundred strands of grass per hour. A buyer should consider all the features of the trimmer before making a purchase.

A popular model is the lithium-ion battery type. Most cordless hedge trimmers use lithium-ion batteries. A lithium-ion battery is a combination of chemicals and metals that provides power to the electric motor. A lithium-ion battery is capable of providing continuous current to the motor for several hours or even days. Although the initial cost of a lithium-ion battery may be higher than the average battery, the battery's ability to hold charge will last longer and may actually save on energy costs.

Other features to consider include a stainless steel or aluminum body and optional accessories like a leaf blower. A cordless hedge trimmer with a lightweight aluminum body or a spring-loaded aluminum body is also available. A few extra attachments are available for purchase at an additional cost. Honorable mention goes to models that offer a detachable plastic or metal housing for carrying or positioning purposes.

When shopping for a power hedge trimmer, a potential buyer should first look at the engine size. Hedge trimmers come in three different sizes: the small, medium and large. The smallest trimmers are usually powered by a 12-volt engine and have a smaller blade. A medium size trimmer has a larger engine and a larger blade. The largest size is the largest in power and the most powerful.

Some owners might also want to consider the amount of yard maintenance that will be required. Some cordless hedge trimmers have batteries that need to be recharged and changed on a regular basis. A few owners might also choose to replace the batteries on a battery at least every year or so to reduce the amount of power they need to keep their lawns and gardens green and beautiful. If a model is going to be used primarily outdoors, owners might also consider its range and whether or not it comes with a battery backup.

A second consideration for shopping for a cordless hedge trimmer relates to the type of cutting materials that can be used on the blades. Some blades are made with a stiff, durable wire and use only electric current to cut. This is helpful for areas with thick branches or bushes where wood cutting tools won't reach. A second option is to find blades that feature a plastic blade that is more bendable and that can handle a wider variety of shrubbery and plants.

A third important consideration in choosing a cordless hedge trimmer relates to the safety features included on the product. In most cases, a manufacturer's safety warning will be printed directly on the blade. It will also include important information about how to use the product safely. Some of the more popular features include automatic training, dual-action blades and a battery backup. For more extensive information about the safety features on a particular model, it is always a good idea to consult the manufacturer's website.

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