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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

What's the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

If you're looking for a best cordless hedge trimmer, you might be surprised at the features available on the 22st century edition of this classic garden tool. This is a significant upgrade from the models that came out years ago. The trimmer has now become an all in one power tool. It has a compact design, and a very long battery life. And it has new, interchangeable heads to give you a wide selection of trimming styles.

One of the best parts about this trimmer is the fact that it has an integrated motor. It's powered by the same battery as your cell phone. That's right, the battery is replaceable, so when you run low, you simply swap out the Ah battery. That Ah battery will last up to three jobs. And you won't need to worry about finding and installing a charger, because the cordless design means that it plugs right into any wall outlet.

The cordless trimmer also comes with two handles, one for cutting grass and the other for trimming hedges. When the handle is turned in an opposite direction, the trimmer rotates in that direction. That's good news if you want to reach those hedge borders without stepping on your beautiful manicured lawn. You can just reach behind your bushes and use the handle, rather than trying to navigate those narrow, pointed blades.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer
The battery power is quite powerful, too. You can walk over large distances quite quickly with it. And the battery life is quite long, which means you can get over your hedges with little worry. One charge will last you well over an hour.

The design of the trimmer includes a great battery holder, with a removable key ring. It comes with a carrying case, as well. You simply attach the carrying case to the handle of the trimmer and it fits like a glove. And the blades are quite sharp, so you can cut back thick branches very quickly. The blades themselves are also very sharp and you can easily penetrate most branches with at least one blade.

The attachments include a leaf blower, a shovel, and a pruning shears, as well as a hedge trimmer brush. With the exception of the shears, all the attachments except the leaf blower attach easily to the handle. The leaf blower and the shovel attach easily through the use of the auxiliary handle. They are powered by the common rechargeable lithium battery. Most trimmers have a plug port, so you can attach them right into any wall outlet.

All the attachments are rechargeable, but the lithium battery needs to be recharged from time to time. The trimmers themselves are not too large and will fit in your house or garage. Even if you have a small room, they will still look nice and big enough to cover your lawn and yard. The trimmer batteries can be recharged from any normal power point in your house. When you are using the battery packs or recharging the battery, you should never attempt to cut a branch where there is no power, or direct sunlight. You could end up seriously injured, and the battery pack might completely die, which is definitely not what you want.

As far as safety goes, this is second to none. Even when the battery is dead, the trimmer is so strong that it will remain in one position, even if there are no batteries, and you will not get in a hurry to start cutting again, because the cutting blades are so strong that the branches are easy to cut even when the trimmer is plugged in, by pushing it forward. The best cordless hedge trimmer, therefore, is a trimmer with dual-action cutting blades.

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